The team at Perfect Earth wants everyone to have a good time,
and we promise to keep your data as secure and as private as we
possibly can. We have a few rules that you do need to accept
before you can become a member, and you need to read this
Privacy Statement all the way through before you can join. By
clicking the 'Accept' button when you register you are agreeing
to us holding and processing your personal information. If you
are under 18 your parents or guardians have to approve that you
create an account for Perfect Earth. Please get them to explain
any areas of this statement that you may not fully understand.


The Internet is a global environment and involves the
transmission of data on an international basis. By using our app
you consent to the collection and use of your information as
described in this Privacy Policy. Any changes to this policy
will be reflected here.


We collect personal information from you when you use our app.
This personal information is collected through the use of online
forms. We also collect information automatically about your use of
our app.


We process personal information about you for the purposes of
(1) understanding your needs in order to improve our service, (2)
administering your account and informing you about things we are
doing that might affect you, (3) carrying out research (i.e.
scientific, social, economic and market), (4) maintaining
information as a reference tool or general resource and (5)
safeguarding of our app.


All information you provide us with, and all information
contained in your account, is encrypted. Only authorized personnel
and development partners of Perfect Earth can decode this
information and such personnel and development partners will only
do so in accordance with our Privacy Policy. We employ this
facility to ensure that all information we receive from you is in
a secure environment at all times.


Perfect Earth Animals is intended for use by children 8-12, but
we do not restrict use by players that are either younger than 8 or
older than 12. At the time of registration of a new account we will
require players under 18 years of age to obtain parental consent.


Perfect Earth will not sell, share, or rent your information to
other parties, at any time, with the exception of events where we
are required to do so by law.